End of Semester and Future Plans!

Friends and Family of MVCA,
               As we approach the Christmas holiday and the end of our first semester, I want to share my excitement and hope for all that has happened and is happening at Mountain View Christian Academy this school year. Our mission at MVCA is to provide an excellent education while leading students to grow in Christ. Those two items are driving and controlling everything that is happening in us this year. I am very pleased with what is happening academically and spiritually and want to share that with you.
     Academically we are seeing a nation that is struggling and behind because of COVID shutdowns and restrictions. In our students we see a wide variety of academic situations. Some are excelling and ahead despite the circumstances, some students that are behind but on par with the nationwide setback, and still others that are struggling even beyond the norm. One of the most beautiful things about MVCA is the miracle that happens when our small class size meets our passionate and loving teachers: we have the opportunity to slow down, help struggling students catch up, and begin building strong academic skills. Older students have experienced an intense academic season of high standards paired with directed teaching on taking notes, study habits, research, and formal writing. High school students also have the option to be dual enrolled through our partnership with Northeast Alabama Community College. Younger students receive an incredible amount of personal attention in class. We are improving in struggling areas and specifically working hard on Reading and Math throughout the elementary school. Even the preschool classes work through curriculum together. We are seeing students as young as 18 months learning about Jesus and the basics of academics at their age level. We consider this as taking the time to repair a foundation that has been shaken by the worldwide experience of the past two or three years. We are moving the right direction and we can do so in a way that other schools will struggle to match. We ask your cooperation in two areas: make sure that your child is attending regularly and make sure they are doing homework and studying for tests. If they are here daily and putting forth effort we can make sure that every student is successful.
     Spiritually we are seeing a powerful movement happening among our students. We have reworked our Bible classes so that memory verses are shorter, but required more frequently, and are paired with specific, related teaching. In addition, spiritual growth in students in one of our two main goals as a school. That means that at any time, during any event, if a student needs prayer or has questions about Christ our faculty and staff stop and connect with those students in those critical moments. Our hope is that this renewed focus and adjusted curriculum helps students grow in Christ to become strong followers of Jesus for a lifetime. One outcome that we are already seeing is that our chapel services are powerful with students leading worship and filling the altars praying together. Christ is doing something special at MVCA and it is incredible to watch. We invite you to join us in our chapel services Wednesdays at 8:30 AM Eastern so that you can see what is happening spiritually.
     Altogether, MVCA has really developed an amazing culture this year. This is the greatest faculty and staff that I have every served with. They are here because they love Christ and know that God has called them to be here and serve together. We talk everyday with students about being a Mountain View Family together. The culture has become a safe place of love and respect for everyone. We are working hard together to make this the best school in the region, and we love this school, these kids, and this mission that Christ has called us to.
     We have a lot planned and some big things on the horizon. Our Christmas Celebration is next Thursday, December 15th at 6 pm. These kids have been working so hard and you will be blessed by their program. Beta Club is starting up and is planning to participate in the Senior Beta Convention in 2023. The Beta Club will host a Winter Wonderland pageant in January to raise money for the convention. We are relaunching our PTO and the first PTO meeting will be held on January 9th. Our athletic program is doing well and taking steps to build a great long-term program. We are planning to continue improving our facility including working to finish the rooms above the gym. We are also planning for a Preschool Expansion because the MVCA preschool is absolutely booming.
     God is doing something incredible at Mountain View Christian Academy! We are experiencing His blessing and provision. We are living the miracle of The New Beginning! I hope that you are excited to partner with us as we continue to push forward. Please join the PTO, support our activities where you are able and according to your passions, and help MVCA continue to provide an excellent education while leading students to grow in Christ.
     I pray that you and yours are abundantly blessed this season as we celebrate the coming of Christ and God's continued blessings on Mountain View Christian Academy!

Casey Jones
Head of Schools, Bryant Campus Principal

God is blessing at MVCA!


Today, I want to share encouragement with you that Mountain View Christian Academy is pushing forward with full conviction that God has given us purpose and is providing for our school and our students. This summer has been a rollercoaster and you have likely heard that a lot of changes are happening at the school. I believe that God has answered our prayers for guidance and provision by bringing together an incredible faculty for the coming school year. We have laid a fleece before the Lord and He has answered us by bringing together this amazing team. We are moving forward with every grade level and every subject matter including Middle and High School Science which will feature a hybrid learning program this year. The return of beloved History teacher Danny Lee along with the newly hired Tanner Green and Ashton Allison round out a top notch Middle and High School program. Our Elementary team is equally amazing and well-equipped to provide the strongest education for our students. This year you will see the return of many extracurricular activities as well. Most of all, I am excited that we are very, very focused on our mission to help students grow closer to Christ day by day. MVCA is going through a New Beginning and God is doing a miraculous work in us to accomplish His Mission here. The Lord is faithful. He has called us to this mission, and He will provide to ensure that your children are receiving an excellent education and everything they need to grow closer to Him. We look forward to seeing you on August 4th at 6 pm for our Open House. We pray God’s continual blessing upon your families and upon Mountain View Christian Academy!
Casey Jones
Head of Schools
Mountain View Christian Academy

Celebrating a New Beginning!

MVCA Family and Community,

I write to you today to share with you our excitement for the 2022 – 2023 school year at MVCA. We are aware that the past few years at MVCA have been a struggle, but we are confident that God is renewing a burden and calling in us to improve and push forward into a new beginning. In the early chapters of Joshua, Moses has passed, and Joshua must begin to lead Israel into the Promised Land. The only problem is that Israel is on the wrong side of the Jordan River and the river is flooding. They could see the Promised Land, but it was impossible to get there. God spoke to Joshua and the people of Israel and told them to get ready to cross over. The promise of God was so powerful in the people that they lined up and got ready to walk through the water even when that did not make any sense in the natural world. The moment that the first person set foot into the flooding Jordan River the waters rolled back. The Ark was taken into the middle of the river and the presence of God ushered the entire people safely to the other side. Today we find ourselves walking in a similar promise and we ask you to walk with us to the other side. God is bringing a new beginning to MVCA and I am excited about what He will do here in this new season! We are determined to improve our academics and renew our passion for spiritual growth in our students. Our mission is to provide an excellent education while leading students to grow in Christ. I promise, you will see a positive difference despite the setbacks of the past.
This year MVCA will be offering a lot of changes. We have many new teachers and some new academic options for students. First, allow me to present the teachers for the 2022 – 2023 school year.
Middle and High School: Mr. Danny Lee will be returning as the History teacher. Mr. Lee is a student and faculty favorite with a passionate heart to encourage students and help them grow. We are also adding Tanner Green, an MVCA graduate and math major as our Math teacher, and Ashton Allison, who helped us finish last year strongly in English and Literature.  
Elementary School: The elementary school will feature some returning favorites and new faces. First, Jennifer Rimas in Kindergarten moves up from our K4 program with years of experience in early reading, phonics, and mathematics. Next, Sandra Summers brings her experience and expertise to 1st and 2nd grades with a wealth of knowledge in establishing strong reading, writing, and mathematics in those early years. Next, Madison Wagner returns to our 3rd and 4th grades after helping us finish last year with those grades. Finally, our new addition, Stacy Jones, joins us in the 5th and 6th grade bringing 16 years of experience in the Dade County School System.
We are also planning the return of many extracurricular activities like Beta Club and 4-H with hopes to continue expanding our sports offerings as well. Our final big change is a partnership that will allow us to provide better education and experience in Middle and High School science. Students will experience a mixture of online learning and classroom experiences.
I ask you to partner with us as we begin this new season at Mountain View Christian Academy. We look forward to serving your family and seeing your children grow. This is the New Beginning!
Casey Jones
Head of Schools
Mountain View Christian Academy
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